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About Us

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Our Production Process

Your order is set to be produced as soon as it is placed. The best artisans are used to produce the best; skilled carpenters contribute their knowledge to each and every piece. For optimal design efficiency, their high-caliber craftsmanship is well complemented by the most recent technology. Dedicated quality control personnel provide the last inspection for craftsmanship after completion. Each work of art is delivered to its new home to start a new life.

What We Do

We are a group of passionate craftsmen enthusiasts who believe that beautiful furniture does not have to be prohibitively expensive. We design and make each piece of furniture stylish and chic enough to fulfill your requirement while remaining reasonably priced.

Seed of design creates and curates home furnishings that ideally represent the urban, modern, and cosmopolitan flavors that most people desire but cannot afford. Our passionate teams, who are just as proud of their homes as you are, strive to create inspiring pieces that enhance the beauty of your home, office, and hospitality. We source quality wood and create the most fashionable pieces, which we then tweak and resize to fit the needs of a modern home.

We take great pride in producing exquisite furniture that people will adore for a very long time.

Seed of design is not your typical furniture retailer. We think that every one of our customers deserves only the best furniture, tailored to their precise specifications. Custom furniture creation and delivery are our pride and delight.


Our Principles

At the age of 14, our founder, Mr. Kho Tuan Soon, started his career as an apprentice. From a modest facility in Sungai Buloh, Taw Chai started producing and selling its distinctive line of made-to-order sofas online in 1999. Since then, we have grown into manufacturing with 20,000 square feet.Our philosophy is one of diligence and attention to detail. Additionally, we’re pleased to provide our customers with practically limitless customization options and good lead times for both small and large orders as the producer of the majority of upholstered furniture.



By offering superior workmanship products, cutting-edge products, and outstanding client pleasure,we hope to strengthen our company’s position as the top global furniture maker. In order to save time and reduce production costs while keeping the highest quality standards, we place an emphasis on employee teamwork and participation in conceiving and putting into practice programs like creative marketing concepts and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The tactics enable us to grow as a company with a high level of integrity and to give our business’s ultimate shareholders a decent return.


Why Choose Us?

Quality Material – We are specializing in the manufacturing of rubber wood, tropical wood, and other solid wood
Durability, We assure of our products are long-lasting
Custom Made- To create effective product solutions and satisfy the needs of the client, we offer creative design and stay current with technology.


Our Factory

We have been importing exquisite furnishings and accessories from Indonesia. Our range of contemporary yet long-lasting furniture is made from materials including teak wood, powder-coated mild-steel
We have a sizable production plant that is fully stocked with the most up-to-date equipment to create all indoorfurniture utilizing machines (to establish consistency) and designed to last for generations. We can adapt to any design that our clients supply. We are happy to accept large orders and reassure you that we have the capacity to manage time and make high-quality, long-lasting furniture at competitive rates with superior inputs. Give us a sample to make, and we’ll use our knowledge to make it as closely as possible.



Let your furnishings incorporate your individuality and personality.
Your best option is always going to be Seed Of Design!
Your satisfaction is always our goal.

We are Malaysia’s best custom wood and steel furniture company with a team of professional furniture designers who genuinely understand each requirement.



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No.71, Jalan Pluto AZ U5/AZ, Seksyen U5, Bandar Pinggiran Subang , 40150 , Shah Alam , Selangor